Welcome to SportsGraduate.co.uk

9 03 2010

SportsGraduate.co.uk is a new blog open to anyone who is currently or has been involved in a sports related degree.

Whether you are a student studying right now or a graduate looking for help we hope to be of use!

We want to bring together useful information and links to help you either find out about what career and education options are open to you if you want to study for a sports related degree as well as offering help and infirmation to anyone looking for a job, work placement or career.

We will also offer links to jobs for sports graduates or sports students through our Twitter feed to keep you up to date with any new jobs out there!

Please note that we reserve the right to delete any spamming or job postings if we feel they are not relevant to this blog!

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If you are either students or graduates in sport and interested in links to courses, colleges, universities, jobs or interships etc visit www.studentsinsport.com

If you are postgraduates in sport and interested in links to post grad courses, research centres, events, universities, jobs or interships etc visit www.postgraduatesinsport.com